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Job Shadowing

Job shadowing immerses a student in an industry or business for a short period of time, usually a day or half day. During the experience, the student 'shadows' one or more company representatives to see a typical day at work first-hand.

Job shadowing usually includes a facility tour and interviews with other employees at the placement. In some cases, the student may be allowed to perform actual job duties and/or interact with clients and customers. An important part of the experience is learning what is expected on the job, as students learn about the company's employment policies. Ideally, the student can meet with the company CEO or the department head.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable guide for job shadow hosts, which includes many suggestions for how to structure a quality job shadowing experience for youths.

For Teachers: The Franklin Initiative can connect your students with dozens of different job shadowing opportunities in the Monroe County area, representing a wide variety of career fields and industries. Get in touch with us today for more information by contacting Macy Hughes at



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